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          Bijection x=bf(be(x))
          Molecular spins
          Quantum LC circuit
          Heronian means
          MR in Astronomy
          Perfidi & Lapsr (MR)
          Gravity engineering
          Binary Iterated Powers
          New OEIS Sequences

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          Dear visitor, be welcome!

          This is the branching hub of

          Stanislav Sýkora,
          a physicist dabbing also in math, programming, electronics, epistemology,
          and maintaining a Magnetic Resonance Blog (NMR, MRI, NQR, ESR).
          If interested, see my papers, posters and talks.

          You can branch from here to the home page of my Company,

          EXTRA BYTE, or to the e-zine Stan's LIBRARY,

          or to the web pages of my wife,

          Lucia Parretti,
          a language teacher, terra-cotta artist and porcelain decorator,

          or to our

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          where you can relax and have a nice time.

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          Latest ARTICLES:
          Sequences f''=af'f
          Fixed points of exp(z)
          A random mapping ...
          Gray cycles & NPC's
          NMR covariance apps
          Abel corollaries
          Blazys expansions
          Dawson integral
          Scalar NMR relaxation
          A convex inequality
          Means and Averages
          Biography of F.C.Yu
          New n! expansion
          The AB Quartet

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          Science poetry & fun

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